David's Caribbean Basin FM Summary

Many of these stations will propagate hundreds of miles under Sporadic E conditions. This does not pretend to be a complete list, I am sure there are other stations which should be added. If you have more information, please feel free to let me know. (If you link directly to this page, make sure to also visit my Tampa Bay Radio Broadcasting pages!)

Anguilla95.5Radio Anguilla
100.1Caribbean Beacon
105.5ZJF-FMRelays JAMS-FM St. Maarten.
107.5Radio Heartbeat
107.9Gem Radio Network
Antigua90.0Carib. Radio Lighthouse
91.1Observer Radio
93.9Gem Radio Network
98.1Caribbean Relay Company(Relays DW and BBC)
99.0ZDK Radio
100.1Sun FM
102.7ZJF Radio
Aruba89.9Voice of ArubaOranjestad 10kW.
93.1Radio Victoria1kW.
97.9Radio Caruso Booy
103.5Radio Carina FM
106.7Radio Kelkboom6kW.
107.5Radio 1270 (AM)1.5 kW.
Bahamas96.1Cool FMFreeport.
97.5Love 97 FMFreeport and Nassau.
100.3100 JamzFreeport and Nassau.
95.3Hot FM
98.1Liberty FM
102.1Faith FM
104.1YESS-FM"Star Radio"
Belize88.9Friends FM(Radio Belize Gold)
89.9Krem FM
90.5Radio 2000250w. Covers 30mi N+W of Belize City.
91.1Broad. Corp. of Belize(BCB)
91.3Friends FM
93.1BFBS-215w. Upgrade to 100w? In Ladyville.
94.7Friends FM
95.1Love FM
96.6Krem FM
97.3My Refuge Christian FM500 watts.
97.9Estereo FMIn Spanish
99.1BFBS-1500w. In Ladyville.
Cayman Islands89.9Radio Cayman250w.
91.9Radio Cayman250w.
101.1ICCI-FMInt'l College of the Cayman Islands
105.3Radio Cayman5kW.
Costa Rica88.3Radio For Peace(Also on shortwave)
88.5Radio 88 Stereo
88.7Radio Lira
89.1Radio Mundo
89.5Radio Sendas de Vida
89.9Radio Tiempo
90.7Radio Sistema Universal
91.1Colorin Coloradio
91.5Radio Fundacion
91.9Radio Puntarenas1 kW.
92.7Radio Uno
93.1Radio Fides
93.5Radio Monumental
93.9Sonido Latino
94.3Radio Reloj25 kW (Also on shortwave).
94.7Radio 94.7 FM4 kW.
95.1Radio Noticias
95.5Power 95 FM250 watts
95.9Radio Eco2 kW.
96.3Radio Centro FM1 kW.
96.7R. Universidad de Costa Rica
97.1TIFC Faro del Caribe(Also on shortwave)
97.5Radio Musical
97.9Radio Titania20 kW.
98.3Radio Casino1 kW.
98.7Radio Uno
99.1Radio Sabrosa
99.5Radio Dos
100.3Radio Cristal
100.7Radio Mil
101.1Radio Sonido 101100 watts.
101.5Radio Nacional
102.3Super Radio
102.7Radio Uno
103.1Radio 103
103.5Radio Popular
103.5Radio Reloj25 kW.
103.9Radio Sinai
104.3Radio Sensacion
104.7Radio Emperador
105.1Radio Omega
105.9Radio Sonora
106.3Estereo 1061 kW.
106.7Radio Reloj(Also on shortwave)
107.1Radio Atlantida750 watts.
107.9R. Bahia Puntarenas2.5 kW.
Cuba87.8Radio COCOAll stations: Havana & elsewhere.
89.5Radio Taino
90.3Radio Progreso
90.5Radio Musical
90.5Radio Guamu
92.1Radio TainoInactive?
93.5Doubleve (CMHW)A good station to try if the freq's clear in your area.
93.7Radio Enciclopedia
95.1Radio Musical
95.9Radio Reloj
96.7Radio RebeldePer Chris Dunne
97.7Radio COCO
98.7Radio Ciudad de la Habana
99.3Radio Siboney
100.7Radio Cadena Habana
102.1Radio Metropolitana
102.9Radio Metropolitana
104.0Radio Cadena Habana
Dominican Republic88.5Radio La Brava(All stations: Sto. Domingo)
89.1Radio WAO
89.5Super 89
89.7Radio Renuevo
90.1Radio Guarachita
90.5Estrella 90
91.1La 91
91.7Radio La Rocha
92.1Hits 92
92.5Magica FM
92.9Radio Alfa Omega
93.5Radio Alfa Omega
95.1Radio Comercial
95.7La Nota Diferente
96.5Radio Metro
97.1Radio Galaxia
97.5Clasica FM
98.1Radio Universal
98.5Radio Prisma
99.1Sonido Suave
99.5Radio Listin
100.5Cima Cien
100.9Super Q
101.7Radio Supra
102.1Radio 102
103.1Radio Mil
103.7Power 103
104.1Radio Amor
104.5La Super Potente
105.1Disco 106
106.1Disco 106
106.5Radio La Rocha
107.9Radio Romantica

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